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"Ag'Rhum" rum preparation bag


Preparation for arranged rum Ag\'Rhum.

Arranged rum is a traditional drink from the West Indies and Madagascar where each region has its own recipes that change with the seasons depending on...

Rum associated with exotic notes ... That's how to get a good rum ! A recipe inspired by betsabetsa (wine made with fermented cane juice and spices).

Prepared Sambavanilla rums are ready to use. Just add the rum and preferably cane sugar. The amount of sugar is variable according to your desires. The more sugar you add, the more gentle the preparation will be.

The characteristic taste of this drink is the result of the maceration of the ingredients for one to several months. Place all the elements of your recipe in a jar and sprinkle with the sugar syrup and the rum. Let macerate for two months, stirring occasionally. Now you need a little patience, the time all ingredients release their aromas.