About us

Sambavanilla offers a selection of premium and gourmet vanilla from Madagascar. Lorraine, president of the company, is a native of the Big Island, which is a guarantee of quality. She knows vanilla and keeps local ties with producers to develop this culture in France. In addition to her Madagascan origins and her local contacts, she has more than 11 years of experience in the vanilla business.

We have established relationships of trust with producers chosen rigorously according to their manufacturing method and the quality of their products. They cultivate the vanilla pods themselves. Some artisans have worked with Sambavanilla for several years.

To make good vanilla, we involve a workshop that transforms each harvest in the rules of the art. Always close to our partners, we remain in direct contact with them. You can therefore count on us to obtain high-quality natural vanilla, because our entire team is an expert in production from A to Z until the products are sent to our customers.