Vanilla seeds and powder

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Vanilla Powder from Vanuatu


Vanuatu volcanic vanilla powder

Vanilla powder is obtained by grinding whole dehydrated vanilla pods.

Sambavanilla vanilla powder is guaranteed "no added sugar" 100% vanilla pods.

The vanilla powder is obtained by grinding dehydrated vanilla beans. Convenient to use, vanilla powder is easier to keep than fresh vanilla beans.

Sambavanilla offers a well-scented vanilla powder, made only with whole vanilla beans from Sambava.

Although the seeds release more aroma, the powder is more practical in cooking. No preparation work is done, because you just have to take a spoonful and sprinkle on your dishes (cake dough, fruit salad, cake, pancakes ...). Vanilla powder also works well as an infusion in milk, fruit juice, or to enhance the flavor of cream or yoghurt.

Namely, vanilla powder is not the same product as exhausted vanilla powder. The exhausted vanilla powder being the result of drying and grinding of vanilla pods used in the manufacture of extracts and aromas.

Vanilla seeds

Used in pastry, vanilla seeds provide a very greedy visual to your creams.