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Kaffir Leaves from Madagascar


Kaffir is coming from Indonesia. This citrus fruit is not widely used in France, and is often used to enhance many dishes (sweet or savory).

This is a citrus fruit...

Cinnamon sticks from Madagascar


The cinnamon of Madagascar has a low rate of coumarin and contains antioxidants.

It is also called "Ceylon cinnamon"

It is more fragrant than cinnamon from China.

The main ingredients of the rum are (of course) white rum, fruits, spices and sugar.


You can opt for white rum or industrial rum.


You can use all types of fruits (fresh fruits, canned fruits or candied fruits) even if the taste is better with fresh fruits. Prefer ripe fruits that ensure optimal diffusion of aromas.

The most used fruits in arranged rum are lychee, orange, banana and papaya.

You can also add combava zests in pieces for a more intense and delicate flavor.


The most common spices are vanilla (pods cut in half lengthwise for better diffusion) and cinnamon stick. To bring other flavors, we can use star anise, aniseed wood, chilli or ginger Sakay tany in pieces.


The addition of the sugar allows a better diffusion of the aromas, but it must be carried out according to the natural sugar content of the ingredients in the recipe. If you use candied fruits, avoid putting too much sugar. In arranged rum, cane sugar is preferred.