"Ag'Rhum" rum preparation bag


Preparation for arranged rum Ag'Rhum.

Arranged rum is a traditional drink from the West Indies and Madagascar where each region has its own recipes that change with the seasons depending on the availability of fruits and spices.

The preparation bag is suitable for 1 bottle of rum from 75 cl to 1 l.


Preparation for arranged rum Ag'Rhum.

Traditional mixture of the islands for arranged rum.

This preparation is the result of the encounter between the Asian continent and the African continent. The different spices are wonderfully balanced with the citrus fruits and the result obtained after only three weeks of maceration is rather impressive.

We recommend that you taste the preparation during maceration and remove the products that would tend to take over in order to enhance the result close to umami.

This preparation is suitable for 1 liter of rum.

Composition :

  • zest of Yuzu
  • ginger
  • cinnamon leaves
  • lemongrass
  • lemon, lime
  • Timut berries


Arrange the ingredients for the preparation in a glass jar.

Prepare a syrup with 180 grams of whole cane sugar and 20 cl of water.

Pour the syrup into the jar.

Top up with 1 liter of white rum at 40°.

Leave to macerate for 3 weeks, stirring occasionally.

Filter the preparation.

Good tasting.

Sambavanilla's trick?

For this short maceration, it is possible to reuse the preparation a second time, this time extending the maceration time by one to two additional weeks.

Préparation Ag'Rhum