Preparation for physalis tonka flavoured rum


physalis tonka flavoured rum preparation bag (dry product)

Flavorful Madagascan traditionnal recipe island 


Physalis Tonka flavored rum preparation.

Traditional island blend for arranged rum

This preparation is suitable for 0.75 or 1 liter of rum.


• dried physalis

•Bourbon Vanilla beans

•Tonka beans.

• cloves leaf.

• cinnamon leaf.


Prepare a syrup with 180 grams of cane sugar and 250 ml of water into which you add the split vanilla pods and the crushed or sliced Tonka beans.

Place the remaining ingredients in a jar.

Add the syrup with the vanilla and Tonka beans.

Top up to the top of the jar with 40° white rum.

You will then just need to be patient while all the ingredients release their aromas.

Recommended maceration time:

4 to 6 months.


Taste the preparation regularly to see how it develops.

If after 2 months the taste becomes too strong, remove the cloves and Tonka beans.

Préparation Physalis Tonka