Dried Fruits

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In this section, Sambavanilla invites you to discover a range of dried fruits.

The fruits picked at maturity are directly dried on site without adding any sugar.

The dehydration drying system removes about 90% of the water content of the fruit. It is completely natural and the fruits can thus be stored for up to two years without the addition of any preservative.

Do not confuse fruits dried by dehydration and semi candied or candied fruits in which sugar is added for conservation.

The dried fruits of Sambavanilla contain only the natural sugar of the fruits which remain raw after the dehydration operation.

All the nutritional values ​​as well as the fruit vitamins are preserved, as are the minerals and trace elements.

The dried fruits can be eaten as they are or be used in maceration to make mixed rums.

They can also be rehydrated with water or milk for the preparation of fruit juices, smoothies and compotes.