Dried rambutan from Madagascar


The rambutan, also known as the "hairy lychee", is a tropical fruit originating from East Asia that was introduced in Madagascar. Fleshy and juicy, its flavour is similar to that of its cousin the lychee, but slightly more acidic. It is covered with tender spikes on the skin which gives it the appearance of a sea urchin and the nickname of "hairy lychee".

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Dried rambutan from Madagascar.

The rambutan is a fruit of Asian origin from the same family as the lychees. It grows on a tree called Nephelium lappaceum.

It is easily recognisable by its bright red colour and its very hairy appearance. In Malay, the word Rambut means hair.

Rambutan has a flavour similar to that of the lychee, but slightly more acidic. Its taste is sweet and reminiscent of grapes.

The rambutan is a fruit that contains many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron, but also vitamins. It is very rich in vitamins A and C.

Dried rambutan can be eaten as a snack or mixed into fruit salads, yoghurt or muesli.

You can also rehydrate it or use it in cocktails, punch or rum.

Rambutan goes well with all foods. You can combine it with vanilla or ginger to make rum.

The benefits of rambutan:

Rambutan helps fight diabetes and high blood pressure. It is a natural antioxidant.

Its high calcium content helps to strengthen the bone structure.

Its phosphorus content helps to eliminate toxins stored in the kidneys.

Its vitamin C and iron content make it an energizing food that reduces the feeling of fatigue.

The Sambavanilla recipe:

Vanilla Ginger Rambutan Arranged Rum :

Ingredients :

100 gr dried rambutan.

1 beautiful Papuan vanilla pod

15 g dried ginger or a piece of freshly peeled ginger.

Lychee honey.

White rum 40°.


Split the vanilla pod in half and place in a glass jar.

Add the ginger and the dried rambutan.

Add a few spoonfuls of lychee honey (or other).

Fill with the white rum.

Mix everything together and leave to stand for several weeks before tasting.

Be careful not to add too much honey at the beginning to avoid a too sweet taste.

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Ramboutan -25 gr

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