Arranged rum: tips for successful preparation

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Imagine that: a sea side view, sipping a cocktail with rum arranged while enjoying the landscape ... It smells good summer vacation!

And even without the view, enjoy a glass of rum, associated with exotic notes, for example, during a cocktail evening with friends.

For many people, it is easier to buy a bottle of arranged rum instead of instead of preparing it ... You can’t imagine how it is not complicated and quick to prepare? Originally from Reunion Island, this drink is the result of a perfect marriage between fruit, spices and rum.

Sambavanilla gives you useful tips to get started in the preparation of a homemade rum !

Let’s go to exoticism ...

Tips for preparing rum

Let's get into the thick of it ! Here are the tips and tricks we give you for a successful preparation.

To start, the choice of rum. Traditionally, this beverage is prepared with the famous "Charrette » Rum from Reunion Island. However, if you wish you can prepare your rum arranged with white rum or whichever you prefer.

Then, it is important to choose the right container. Preparing an arranged rum is quick and easy, however the maceration time is relatively long. In fact, the more you let your drink rest, the more taste your arranged rum will have. For long maceration, it is best to provide an airtight glass jar.

In connection with the previous point, we advise you to leave your preparation macerated for three months or even more! (6 months minimum for vanilla rums) Our tip: let it sit at room temperature, ideally between 24 -27 degrees. Do not put the mixture in the refrigerator or expose to a temperature exceeding 35 degrees!

Choose the ingredients: in a rum preparation, you can put fruits, spices, leaves and even flowers! The most important thing is what you want your flavor to be. We recommend the : exotic arranged rum pineapple slices, vanilla and spice leaves ... ideal if you are a fan of the Pacific or Indian ocean islands! A tip: the traditional recipe includes the use of dry raisins;)

To put or not to put sugar… that is the question! We advise you not to put too much sugar when preparing an arranged rum. It is better to wait for the end of the maceration period and taste to adjust. Why ? Quite simply because during the maceration time, the fruits released their sugars which were mixed with the preparation. Opt for cane sugar by preparing a homemade syrup, it's better !

Where to find the ingredients for rum preparation ?

Preparing an arranged rum is a great initiative, but you need to find all the ingredients ... Shopping and going to the market to get everything together can be a tedious task. What if we told you that it is possible to have everything at once without having to move, would you be tempted? Sambavanilla provides you with preparation bags for the arranged rum. Ready to use, just add rum and cane sugar. We have put together for you in a preparation the spices, the good quality vanilla and the fruits you need! In any case, you would miss only one ingredient, in your kitchen, to start the preparation? No problem ! In our online store you will find a section dedicated to the ingredients necessary to prepare your arranged rum. Mangoes, pineapples, dried lychees, kaffir zest or others ... you will find everything you will need. That's not all ! If you need a recipe, we suggest you discover the trilogy of strawberry arranged rums or litchi ginger arranged rum

Sambavanilla : Your online friendly shop

At Sambavanilla, we are committed to offering you the very best in spices, vanilla, and rum preparations. With our experience and our know-how, we are always in search of perfection and quality in the products we have.

Our goal? To offer you quality ingredients and products. Especially for our vanilla beans, we have established relationships of trust with producers chosen rigorously according to their manufacturing method and the quality of their products.

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