Raspberries Hibiscus Arranged Rum

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Raspberries Hibiscus Arranged Rum

It is the highest season of raspberry . If you like them ripe and juicy then now is the time to enjoy them.

Sambavanilla suggests associating them with Hibiscus flowers for a shiny and flavorful recipe.

Ingredients for 1 l of rum:

• 1 liter of white rum

• 100 grams of Muscovado sour.

• 200 grams of raspberries.

• 75 grams of Hibiscus Sambavanilla flowers

• 2 Gourmet Black vanilla pods

Split the vanilla pods lengthwise and place in a jar.

Add the raspberries, Muscovado sugar and Hibiscus flowers.

Pour in the rum, making sure to leave a minimum of empty space in the jar.

Mix the preparation and close the jar tightly.

After a week, remove the Hibiscus flowers and prolong the maceration (this to prevent the mixture from becoming too bitter)

Wait at least 3 months then filter and place in a bottle with the vanilla pods visible.

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