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Tahity vanilla beans/pods from Tahaa king size


Tahitian Vanilla is world renowned. It goes into many culinary preparations and is the essential ingredient of most starred chefs.

We have selected one of the best vanilla produced in the Leeward Islands directly from Tahaa.


Kaffir Leaves from Madagascar


Kaffir is coming from Indonesia. This citrus fruit is not widely used in France, and is often used to enhance many dishes (sweet or savory).

This is a citrus fruit...

Preparation for Shrubb arranged rum


Discover our preparation for Rhum Arrangé Shrubb:

Shrubb is a drink with its roots in the history of the Caribbean islands, particularly Martinique. It is prepared by mixing agricultural rum, bitter orange peel, exotic spices and sugar....

Liquorice sticks


Liquorice sticks have a refreshing flavor with an anise taste.

consumed in moderation, they aid digestion and help treat respiratory diseases.

The licorice stick is none other than the root of the licorice plant which grows...