pink peppercorn seeds from Madagascar

pink peppercorn seeds from Madagascar


Pink peppercorn are also called Bourbon berries.

You can use them as well with meat and fish.

weight (grams)
  • 25
  • 50
  • 100
  • 250

Seeds of pink peppercorn from Madagascar.

The seeds of pink peppercorn come directly from the pink peppercorn to which the colored skin has been removed.

They have a slightly more powerful flavor than pink peppercorn and can be used alone to raise the flavors of your dishes or mixed with other grains of black or white pepper.

With the seeds of pink peppercorn you will no longer have problems with fouling your pepper mills that you could encounter with whole pink peppercorn.

The Sambavanilla pink peppercorn seeds offer you an incomparable palette of flavors with woody and fruity notes.

They combine very well with game, white meats or pork.

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