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Everyone knows the quality of Malagasy cocoa, ranked among the best cocoas in the world, and labeled "Fine Cocoa" by the International Cocoa Organization since January 2016.

Only a few countries share this exceptional privilege of having some of the most aromatic cocoa beans on the planet. Madagascar is the only African country to be labeled 100% "fine cocoa" for all of its production, it is positioned in a niche market.

Connoisseurs appreciate Malagasy chocolate for its floral notes, its hint of acidity and its slight astringency on the finish.

The chocolate is produced from cocoa beans mainly from the Ambanja region (95% of national production), which benefits from ideal climatic conditions for this so-called equatorial culture.

Since May 2006, the MENAKAO chocolate factory, located in Ambohidratimo in the suburbs of Antananarivo, has been transforming – in a complete Bean to Bar manufacturing process – Grand Cru beans, of pure Madagascar origin, into 100% Malagasy chocolate bars.

MENA means red in Malagasy. Red like the color of cocoa plantations, enriched by the sediments of the Sambirano river. Red like the red island of Madagascar. KAO for Kakao