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Madagascar dried Habanero Peppers


The Habanero pepper is a West Indian pepper that is also called goat pepper in Reunion.

It is very hot and exceeds the level of 100,000 on the Scoville scale, which is twice as strong as bird pepper.

The Habanero pepper is a must...

Madagascar Vegetarian Chillies


The vegetarian chilli is a variety of chilli that is particularly appreciated for its sweet and fruity flavour.

Unlike other chilli varieties, the vegetarian chilli is not hot, making it an excellent choice for Caribbean dishes.


Sweet paprika powder


Discover the subtle sweetness of sweet paprika powder, a versatile spice that adds colour and flavour to your dishes. Ideal for enhancing your sauces, stews and grills, it will bring a Spanish touch to your cooking.

Sweet paprika powder...

Smoked paprika powder


Discover our Smoked Paprika Powder, a treasure of Spanish cuisine that will add a touch of smokiness and flavour to your dishes. This spice, made from smoked red peppers, evokes the rustic charm of Mediterranean cuisine.

Our Smoked...