Celery leaves powder from Madagascar

Celery leaves powder from Madagascar


Celery is harvested for its very aromatic leaves and its root which is eaten as a vegetable.

Usually used to flavor soups, sauces, marinades, mashed vegetables, and goes very well with fish and white meats.

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 Grounded celery leaves from Madagascar.

Celery is a vegetable plant of the Apiaceae family.

It is originally from the Mediterranean basin and arrived in France during the Renaissance.

Grounded celery consists only of leaves which are dried and then reduced to powder.

Celery is very aromatic with a slightly stronger taste than parsley.

In terms of dosage, we recommend that you do not over-dose the celery powder in your preparations. Start with a teaspoon and adjust the dosage if the taste is not strong enough.

Do not hesitate to sprinkle your steak tartares, gazpachos and even cottage cheese with a little celery powder to enhance the taste.

You can also use celery powder to make your own celery salt. All you need to do is mix equal parts fine salt with ground celery.

So you will make magnificent cocktails such as the "bloody mary".

Celery also has beneficial health benefits. It eliminates toxins and helps cleanse the body.

Consider doing a small 10-day cure from time to time to purify your body by taking a glass of carrot juice with celery powder each morning.

céleri poudre-25 gr
Celery leaves powder from Madagascar
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    Adds lively flavour to soup and stews

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    As I consume my tomato juice every day at lunchtime, I use less salt, aromatic powder and perfect flavour. (Translated review)

  • 5

    comme je consomme mon jus tomate tous les midis je mets moins de sel poudre aromatique et arôme parfait.

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