First arrival of bourbon vanilla from Madagascar new harvest 2021.

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That's it, she has finally arrived. It has been almost 8 months since it was prepared, and the time has come to offer you our 2021-2022 Madagascan bourbon vanilla pods.

This year we have decided to extend the refining of our vanilla to enhance the aromas and the result is warm notes of cocoa and caramel as well as a pretty floral scent typical of bourbon vanilla.

The 2021-2022 vintage is therefore a very good vintage in general and there is a noticeable improvement in the quality of the vanilla pods with a stabilization of market prices.

At Sambavanilla, Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar come in 4 families:

First, Kelly vanilla, our entry level offering one of the best value for money on the current market. The pods of about 13 cm will allow you to make excellent desserts.

Then comes the Extra vanilla. The soft and shiny pods are generous in seeds and will bring you the incomparable flavor of bourbon vanilla in your culinary preparations. Their size is around 14 cm with a weight between 2.5 and 3 grams.

With the Prima vanilla, you will begin to perceive warmer notes of cocoa from a prolonged ripening in crates. The more fleshy pods benefit from a longer ripening time, which has the effect of boosting the vanillin pods. Vanillin is the molecule that develops naturally during the ripening of vanilla pods.

Finally, with the Black Vanilla Gourmet we enter the top of the range of what Bourbon vanilla can offer. With pods between 17 and 19 cm in length and weighing up to 5 grams per pod, you will have no excuse not to succeed with your exceptional dishes. This vanilla is suitable for both sweet and savory preparations and will delight your guests. Do not hesitate to use it for your holiday meals with a scallop tartare or a foie gras.

At Sambavanilla, we strive to offer you quality at the best price with fresh, un-split pods directly from the producer.

All these vanillas are available on our online store, so don't hesitate to use our advice to help you in your choices.

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