Preparation for ViagRhum arranged rum

Preparation for ViagRhum arranged rum


Discover our preparation for ViagRhum infused rum:

"ViagRhum" is a Creole speciality that is particularly popular on Reunion Island. Its evocative and somewhat humorous name refers to its reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac. ViagRhum' is often consumed at parties and social gatherings, where it is served in small quantities because of its powerful taste and stimulating effects. 

The preparation sachet is suitable for 1 bottle of white rum at 40° (75 cl to 1 l).


Preparation for ViagRhum arranged rum

"ViagRhum" is a particularly famous variant of arranged rum, known for its supposedly aphrodisiac ingredients. Its history dates back to the time when Creole herbalists and healers used local plants to concoct potions and natural remedies. ViagRhum" is said to have been developed for its stimulating and invigorating properties.

Traditional ingredients

"ViagRhum" is distinguished by its specific ingredients, which vary according to local recipes and traditions. However, certain elements are often present:

Banded wood : A tree bark reputed for its aphrodisiac properties, highly prized in Creole cultures.

Chilli: A hot, aromatic spice.

Vanilla: For its sweet, fragrant notes.

Ginger: Known for its stimulating and warming properties.


  • Ginger strips
  • Vegetarian chilli
  • Vanilla pods
  • Banded Wood
  • Tonka beans


Prepare a syrup using 200 grams of cane sugar and 200 ml of water, into which you will have cut the tonka beans into strips, then pour the syrup into a glass jar once it has cooled.

Remove the stems and seeds from the vegetarian chillies.

Split the vanilla pods lengthways.

Add all the ingredients from the preparation sachet to the jar.

Fill to the brim with the white agricultural rum.

Close tightly and stir before placing the jar in a cool, dark place.

Leave the mixture to macerate for at least 3 months, shaking it regularly to blend the flavours.

After the maceration period, filter the ViagRhum arranged rum through a fine sieve and bottle with the vanilla pods.

Recommended maceration time:

3 months.


Taste the mixture regularly to see how it develops.

If, after 2 months, the taste becomes too strong, you can remove the ginger, or the ingredient that has taken over.

Préparation ViagRhum