Preparation for Shrubb arranged rum


Discover our preparation for Rhum Arrangé Shrubb:

Shrubb is a drink with its roots in the history of the Caribbean islands, particularly Martinique. It is prepared by mixing agricultural rum, bitter orange peel, exotic spices and sugar. This ancestral recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, and now we're giving you the chance to enjoy this tradition at home.

The preparation sachet is suitable for 1 bottle of white rum at 40° (75 cl to 1 l).


Preparation for Shrubb arranged rum

Awaken your taste buds to new sensations. Our preparation for Shrubb Arranged Rum offers a unique taste experience. You'll find notes of citrus, spicy heat and sweetness, all in perfect harmony. It's a drink that's best enjoyed slowly, whether as an aperitif, digestif or cocktail.

 Shrubb Rhum Arrangé can be enjoyed neat over ice, mixed into tropical cocktails, or even used in cooking to enhance your dishes and desserts. Give free rein to your culinary creativity with this precious preparation.

To enjoy the full flavour of Shrubb, serve it chilled, preferably in a tasting glass. Take your time to savour every sip and let the enchanting aromas carry you away.


  • Cinnamon leaves
  • Clove leaves
  • Vanilla pods
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Lemon lime
  • combava zest
  • We recommend adding 4 untreated oranges to this preparation.


Prepare a syrup using 200 grams of cane sugar and 150 ml of water, then pour the syrup into a glass jar.

Zest the oranges, taking care to avoid the bitter white part, and place in the jar.

Squeeze the juice from the oranges and add to the jar.

Add the ingredients from the preparation sachet, not forgetting to split the vanilla pods lengthways.

Fill the jar completely with the white agricultural rum.

Close the jar tightly, stir and place in a cool, dark place.

Leave the mixture to macerate for at least 2 to 3 months, shaking it regularly to blend the flavours.

After the maceration period, filter the Shrubb arranged rum through a fine sieve and bottle with the vanilla pods.

Recommended maceration time:

2 to 3 months.


Taste the preparation regularly to see how it develops.

If the taste becomes too strong after 2 months, remove the cinnamon sticks.

Préparation Shrubb