Whole Majungais dried chili peppers

Whole Majungais dried chili peppers from Madagascar


The Majunga area is located on the west coast of Madagascar, along the Mozambique Channel.

The tropical climate of this region is very conducive to the cultivation of Majungais pepper which is one of the endemic species of Madagascar.

Majungais peppers are recognizable by their slightly wrinkled spherical shape, the color of which varies from green to red.

They are small but very strong with an intensity that is set at 7 on the Scoville scale.

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Whole Majungais pepper from Madagascar.

Majungais pepper is the ideal product to make the flavors of your culinary preparations dance.

Small in size, it can be used whole in stews or marinades.

You can also powder it to season your dishes.

It only takes a very small amount at the end of cooking in a dish to change the flavor of it.

Majungais pepper is very fragrant and offers you all its fruity and exotic flavors in the mouth before showing you its power.

It is also the ideal ingredient for hot sauces and seasoned sauces as well as the famous pickles from Madagascar.

We can also shape recipes for mixed rums where in addition to the hot flavors of chili, small green and red balls will decorate the bottles.

The benefits of chili:

Chili peppers contain capsaicin and have an anti-oxidant effect and help protect the cells in our body from the effect of free radicals.

They are rich in vitamin B6, C and E which help strengthen the immune system and fight against cardiovascular disease.

They are also rich in trace elements and contain iron, copper and manganese.

Did you know?

If you have swallowed too much chilli pepper and your mouth is on fire, you don't need to drink water. Just eat a slice of butter or a piece of cheese or drink a glass of milk and the heat will slowly fade. This is because the capsaicin responsible for the spiciness of peppers is soluble in fat, but not in water.

Piment Majungais 25g
Whole Majungais dried chili peppers from Madagascar
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