New harvest of Bourbon vanilla from the Comoros for the 2021 season

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As Comoros vanilla is harvested earlier than in Madagascar, it arrives early on the shelves while having benefited from a reasonable maturing time to make it an exceptional product.

Harvesting vanilla in the Comoros follows the same preparation process as its cousins in Reunion and Madagascar. It is distinguished by a high level of vanillin and an intense aromatic palette with fruity notes. The 2021 harvest is particularly marked by aromas of prunes and red fruits.

5 reasons to buy Bourbon vanilla from the Comoros:

Traditional vanilla:

Bourbon vanilla from the Comoros has been cultivated there for decades and more particularly on the island of Grande Comores. Its production is 10 times lower than in Madagascar and the methods remain artisanal. Over the years, the producers have appropriated the know-how transmitted by the producers of Reunion Island and Madagascar and they perfectly master the "Bourbon" technique.

Quality vanilla:

Bourbon vanilla from the Comoros enjoys a very favorable climate which allows the pods to gather a maximum of aromatic compounds that will be revealed during the final preparation. The pods are picked by hand when they reach maturity and only the most ripe pods are picked.

Methodical refining:

Once the pods are prepared, they undergo traditional refining in the crate. As in Madagascar, our master vanilla trees use wooden boxes which contribute to the olfactory development of the aromas and bring a unique flavor to the product. The vanillas are then brewed manually for several months until their humidity level reaches a value around 30-33%. It is also during this ripening period that the vanillin will develop in the pods. Vanillin is a molecule that characterizes the aroma of vanilla and develops naturally in vanilla beans during the ripening process.

Cheap product:

Sambavanilla is in direct contact with the producers without any intermediary. This allows us to guarantee irreproachable vanilla traceability, but also to offer one of the best value for money on the current market.

Customer service:

Sambavanilla is always listening to these customers to provide them with the best service, including product availability, on-demand packaging and a fast and reliable delivery service. All orders are processed within a maximum of 24 working hours and delivery times are 24 to 72 hours depending on the delivery method chosen. In addition, Sambavanilla offers an easily accessible telephone support to guide you, offer advice or even help you to solve a problem related to your orders.

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