Liquorice sticks: The different possible uses

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Childhood memories, liquorice appeals to young and old alike. A delicious treat, licorice sticks give off a pleasant scent that makes you want to eat and once in the mouth, it's a real sweet treat. This month, Sambavanilla invites you to step back into your childhood and discover how to use licorice sticks in cooking.

We all know the licorice sticks we eat as a candy, however, did you know you can use them as a spice? This subtle blend of the sweetness and bitterness of a licorice stick pairs perfectly with vanilla, honey, caramel, aromatic herbs and even coconut.

To bring a little exotic touch to your sweet and savory preparation, here are some ideas for cooking licorice sticks.

Just like the vanilla pods, you can choose:

  • Let the sticks infuse in the cooking juice or in the cream / milk that you will use in the preparation of your dessert.
  • Marinate your white or red meat with liquorice sticks, lime or soy sauce for about 1 hour.

The little extra of this ingredient is that you can use it both for red and white meat, but also for seafood.

If you want to discover or rediscover licorice sticks, go to our site for your order . We have in a bag of 5 to a bag of 30, licorice sticks with a length of about 16 cm.

Our advice as a professional, in order to make the most of the scents and flavors of licorice sticks, you can use it in the preparation of arranged rums .

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