Kaffir leaves : The way to cook with this spice

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Kaffir is coming from Indonesia. This citrus fruit is not widely used in France, and is often used to enhance many dishes (sweet or savory).

Often confused with bergamot, kaffir has much more citrus aromas. Generally, kaffir lime zest and leaves are frequently used in savory cooking. You can find it in Thai and Indian cuisine particularly.

Dried, crumbled or ground, you can use the leaves in your daily cooking.

How to use kaffir lime leaves in cooking? How to choose them? Where can you get some? Sambavanilla tells you more in this article.

Cooking with kaffir lime leaves

Kaffir lime leaves are rich in nutrients and aromas. They are perfect for adding flavor to your Asian dishes.

Depending on the area, it is often difficult to get fresh kaffir lime leaves, but there is a substitute. Which one ?  Kaffir lime leaf powder.

Even if it loses a little of fragrance, the taste is still enough powerfull. You can use Kaffir powder on white meats, shellfish and even on cold meats. It can even be used during the preparation of your soups to enhance the taste.

The added bonus of this ingredient is that it goes perfectly with savory and sweet dishes. A pinch of kaffir lime powder in your yogurt or chocolate cake or even in your fruit salad and you will be amazed!

In a pan, in curry sauce, in salads or even in a marinade, trying it is adopted!

Kaffir lime leaves, what are the other uses?

Kaffir lime leaves are often used in cooking, but they have many other benefits.

In addition to being used when making tea, cocktails, or to flavor cooking water, you can also use it in your home.

What are the other uses?

For a relaxing bath :

You can use the leaves, fresh or dried, of kaffir lime to add freshness to your bath. All you need to do is add a few leaves to your hot bath water.

To perfume your home:

You no longer have essential oils to perfume your home? It's not a problem! You can add some kaffir lime powder (or leaves if you have any) in your potpourri or in your candle resin diffuser. It will perfume your home and make you travel with an exotic scent.

Refresh the skin

To refresh and perfume your skin, you can crush kaffir lime leaves and rub your hands with it.

Sambavanilla: Your online store

Kaffir lime leaves have many virtues and can be used in cooking, but not only! If you are looking for quality products, we invite you to visit our online store.

In powder, zest or leaves, in our rum mix, you will find everything you need at Sambavanilla. Furthermore ! We don't limit ourselves to that, you can also get our kaffir lime and ginger fleur de sel to season your dishes.

Kaffir lime leaves enhance the flavor of dishes, give them flavor and a special color.

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