Hibiscus flower: All you need to know about this plant ?

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Sure, we love hibiscus for the touch of color it brings to our garden, but what if we told you that this plant native to Guinea is full of benefits for the human body?

As the expression "nature does things so well ..." goes so well, the proof with the hibiscus flower also known as the hibiscus sabdariffa. This edible plant is popular for its medicinal benefits. In our article this month, Sambavanilla answers a few questions about this plant.

How to consume it?

Many peaople go for an infusion of hibiscus flowers and this is also the best way to take full advantage of its medicinal benefits. All you need to do is steep two teaspoons of hibiscus flowers in boiling water and let it steep. You can also add a little honey to soften the taste.

How many times can we consume it?

The good thing, compared to other herbal infusions, is that hibiscus flower does not contain theine, which means you can consume it all day. That said, if you want to avoid abuse, you can consume three cups a day.

What are the virtues of this plant on our body?

We are now getting into the heart of the matter, because before consuming anything, it is important to know its properties well. Let’s start first with its aesthetic contribution.

Did you know that the hibiscus flower is also called the "botox plant"? Indeed, it helps to fight against free radicals and fights against aging of the skin. Also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, hibiscus flower deeply hydrates the epidermis, promotes collagen production and skin healing. And this is just its effect on the skin, now let's see our body ...

This refreshing drink is a mild laxative, which means that it regulates your intestinal transit without harming it. In addition, the infusion of hibiscus helps fight fatigue, feelings of heavy legs, relieves inflammation of the respiratory tract. It also helps treat urinary tract infections and period pain. If you suffer from cholesterol problems, high blood pressure or stomach pain, this is your ally!

Does the hibiscus flower also make you lose weight?

Besides its thirst-quenching benefits, hibiscus flower will help you in your quest for weight loss. Thanks to its active ingredients and vitamins, it promotes drainage and digestion.

Where can we get some?

Good news ! The hibiscus flower is now available in our online store. From 25 to 250 grams, we've got you covered. So don't hesitate any longer and contact us for more information.

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