How to cook the Tonka bean?

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If you are new to this spice, we strongly recommend that you give it a try. Tonka bean brings extraordinary aromas to your recipe.
A subtle blend of vanilla, almond and caramel among others.

Originally from Brazil, this spice is becoming more and more popular in France and is used in the preparation of savory and sweet dishes. We introduced you to the taste of the Tonka bean in our last article, and this month we're showing you how you can cook it to fully enjoy its exotic flavor.

How to use Tonka bean in cooking?

You can find Tonka bean in powder form or whole. If you are new to cooking with this spice, we recommend purchasing the beans whole and grating them on demand. This will help you know which measurements are right for you (in terms of taste)

Generally in the kitchen, you should grate Tonka bean like nutmeg. To start, we advise you, when preparing your dish, to use it sparingly. The best thing to do is to taste your preparations as you go and adjust if necessary.

Another option would be to steep it and use the water to prepare your dish. However, it is important to know how to measure your spice or you risk ending up with a dish that will not be unanimous.

To help you discover the aromas of the Tonka bean, Sambavanilla offers you a recipe based on this spice. By following the preparation instructions, you will understand why the Tonka bean is now part of the list of essential ingredients in the world of gastronomy.

Tonka bean-based recipe

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