Cocoa bean, a healthy and powerful ingredient

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Chocolate… We love it in our sweet and savory dishes. But did you know it comes from cocoa beans. In fact, before reaching the supermarket shelves, chocolate goes through many processes.

Filled with health benefits and nutrients, in this article we shed some light on the cocoa bean. Small but powerful, let's discover together what makes the cocoa bean a healthy ingredient for our body.

Why is it recommended to consume the cocoa bean ?

We know, this is not necessarily the ingredient that comes to mind when we need a vitamin or mineral cure. And yet! It is full of benefits for our body.

We tell you all about the nutritional qualities of the cocoa bean. Extremely nutritious and invigorating, it strengthens blood vessels, promotes circulation and protects cells against aging.

Rich in magnesium and many minerals, the cocoa bean has anti-stress and stimulating properties and promotes a feeling of well-being. This is why it is recommended to consume chocolate or cocoa daily.

It also ideally replaces energy drinks in some cases, because it has a stimulating and energetic property.

That's not all ! Consuming cocoa bean would help you stimulate your memory, burn fat, but also promote the youthfulness of your skin.

Why resist!

Knowing all this, we have decided to propose the best quality of Madagascar cocoa beans to you.

What should you know about the cocoa bean?

Did you know ? Another name for the cocoa bean is the seeds of the pod, the fruit of the cocoa tree. Indeed, the pod contains about forty cocoa beans.

The cocoa bean has a special taste and is bitter. In order to develop flavors and reduce acidity, once extracted, they are fermented and then dried. You can use it as a spice when preparing your sweet and savory dishes.

However, if you want to get the maximum benefit from the cocoa bean, it is best to eat it raw, as it retains all the nutrients and antioxidants.

The cocoa bean is not at all sweet, which is why the first impression on the palate is not necessarily the best. But it's the perfect substitute for chocolate. Believe us, as a final touch on your foie gras or star ingredient of your chocolate mousse, you will not be able to do without it.

Sambavanilla delivers to you !

How can you resist with chocolate? In our pies, creams, desserts or even in drinks, chocolate makes your taste buds dream and travel. In our online store, we offer roasted cocoa beans from Madagascar and rum preparations made with cocoa as a star ingredient.

Sambavanilla is committed to supply you high quality products and selects the typical spices of Madagascar for you. All imported spices are from artisanal cultivation and their flavor may vary from producer to producer.

We invite you to browse our site in search of your happiness and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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