Closure of the 2019-2020 campaign

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The official closing date for the 2019-2020 vanilla campaign is May 31, 2020. This means that it will be prohibited to sell and export Madagascar vanilla beyond this date, and as long as the 2020-2021 campaign is not officially opened.

arrêté sur la fermeture de la campagne de vanille 2019-2020

This closing date is later than in previous years, but it is far from satisfying all local exporters of bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

Indeed, the price of vanilla has been rising steadily in recent years to peaks and what had to happen happened. Manufacturers have turned to cheaper synthetic products to gradually abandon natural vanilla.

The consequence had a direct impact on the price of vanilla because world demand is now falling and Madagascar is staying with a considerable stock of vanilla that exporters will find difficult to sell before the end of the season.

Prices may continue to fall in the coming months, but what is worrying is that the quality of vanilla may also suffer.

Sambavanilla is going to keep the same quality level of the products they sell and offering the best price to their customers.

It is thanks to its expertise in vanilla production chain from the harvest of the green vanilla pods to the final step of distribution that Sambavanilla will continue to offer the best quality of its products and the best service to its customers.

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