Madagascar bourbon vanilla harvest 2020 is now available

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Sambavanilla is proud to announce the arrival of the new 2020 vanilla harvest from Madagascar.

This year, the 2020-2021 season kicks off almost a month early. The favorable climatic conditions made it possible to harvest earlier than in previous years.

The 2020 vintage promises to be very good in quality, and the quantity of vanilla harvested this year in Madagascar is nearly 25% higher than the previous harvest.

A quality vanilla for 2020:

The green vanilla pods harvested at full maturity from the month of May have undergone the traditional and ancestral preparation process in Madagascar, first going through sun drying, then drying in the shade before being refined. in crates.

Our maturing in rosewood cases is essential in the vanilla preparation stage and it is at this stage that the aromas finish developing.

This season, vanilla has developed intense, woody aromas with hints of red fruits and prunes.

New vanilla crop and new price:

This year, with the new harvest comes lower prices. Although global demand for vanilla remains strong, the increase in volumes is causing vanilla prices to fall automatically. Madagascar being the world's largest producer of vanilla, world vanilla market prices are adjusting accordingly. It should also be noted that prices had risen to such a level that many manufacturers were starting to turn away from natural vanilla for much cheaper artificial vanilla flavors.

A complete range of vanilla for your satisfaction:

Sambavanilla offers you a range of four products to satisfy your bourbon vanilla cravings.

Kely vanilla is certainly the smallest, but it has nothing to envy to other categories and will allow you to make excellent daily recipes for less.

Extra vanilla, which has one of the best value for money on the market, is the most commonly used. It is suitable for both sweet and savory preparations.

With Prima vanilla, we begin to touch the most sensitive palates of amateurs who are looking for more powerful aromas and corded flavors to enhance their dishes. Prima vanilla is also widely used in the preparation of rums arranged as supplements to fruits and other spices.

Gourmet vanilla is the caviar of bourbon vanilla. With pods that can reach 19 or even 20 cm and a weight of more or less 5 grams per pod, gourmet vanilla undergoes further refining and develops intense aromas. It is also called black vanilla and it usually contains more vanillin than other vanilla. Exceptional dishes such as vanilla foie gras terrines, vanilla duck or even vanilla rums are vanilla.

Discover all these products now in our online store.

The Pompona vanilla is still maturing and Sambavanilla will soon be offering you exceptional pods that can measure up to 25 cm in length.

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