Ginger chips from Madagascar

Ginger chips from Madagascar

Product no.: Gingembre Sakay tany en morceaux
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Ginger Sakay tany from Madagascar

Sakay Tany rhizomes are smaller than the ginger varieties found in Asia, but their scent is richer and more concentrated.

Ginger Sakay Tany comes from the region of Moramanga in Madagascar where it is harvested before the dry season.

Sakay tany ginger shavings are generally used in sauces and marinades where they bring warm and lemony flavors, without being as hot as pepper.

Ginger goes well with fish, chicken or pork.

It is also used in pastry or it goes into the composition of gingerbread.

It is also an essential ingredient in prepared rum preparations and it goes well with pineapple, oranges or peaches.

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