Preparation for Ispahan rum mix

Preparation for Ispahan rum mix


Discover our preparation for Ispahan Rum Mix:

Ispahan Rum mix is a creation inspired by the delicate and sophisticated flavours of the famous 'Ispahan' dessert created by French pastry chef Pierre Hermé. The Ispahan dessert combines raspberries, lychee and rose, creating a symphony of floral and fruity flavours. This unique combination has been transposed to the world of arranged rums, where lovers of rum and exotic cuisine have sought to capture the essence of this refined dessert in a drink.

The preparation sachet is suitable for 1 bottle of 50° white rum (75 cl to 1 l).


Preparation for Ispahan arranged rum

The idea of creating an Ispahan arranged rum comes from the world of French pastry, and more specifically from the talent of Pierre Hermé. By introducing the flavours of raspberries, lychees and roses in an arranged rum, the designers wanted to pay tribute to this emblematic dessert while exploring new taste dimensions.

Characteristics of Ispahan Arranged Rum

Fresh raspberries: Add a touch of freshness and light acidity.

Dried lychees: Offer an exotic, fragrant sweetness.

Dried rose petals: Add a subtle, elegant floral note.


  • Dried lychees
  • Dried rose petals
  • Vanilla pods
  • Lemongrass

  • We recommend adding 200g of fresh raspberries to this preparation.


Prepare a syrup using 200 grams of cane sugar and 200 ml of water, then pour the cooled syrup into a glass jar.

Add the fresh raspberries to the jar.

Split the vanilla pods lengthways and place them in the jar.

Add the rest of the ingredients from the preparation sachet to the jar.

Top up with the white agricultural rum, filling the jar completely.

Close tightly, stir and place in a cool, dark place.

Leave the mixture to macerate for at least 3 months, stirring regularly to blend the flavours.

After the maceration period, filter the Ispahan arranged rum through a fine sieve and bottle with the vanilla pods.

Recommended maceration time:

3 months.


Taste the mixture regularly to see how it develops.

If the taste becomes too strong after 2 months, remove the lemongrass.

Préparation Ispahan