Vanilla pod, vanilla powder, vanilla extract, which ones to choose?

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Hey, vanilla… an essential spice in the kitchen, it occupies a very special place in several pastry recipes and it brings an exceptional flavor to dishes. Vanilla comes in several versions, including pod, powder and extract, but which alternative should you choose?

At Sambavanilla, we offer you quality spices and in this article we help you to tell the difference between the different vanilla derivatives:

    • Vanilla pods

The rawest and noblest form is the vanilla bean. Indeed, it is the least processed version and offers an extraordinary olfactory and gustatory complexity. To be sure that your vanilla bean is of good quality, it must be fleshy without being too smooth and above all it must be shiny without being greasy. You should be able to bend it without it breaking. To have a real experience with the vanilla pod, we recommend vanilla Planifolia (Madagascar, Comoros) and vanilla Tahitensis (Tahiti, Vanuatu).

    • Vanilla powder

If you want to easily preserve your vanilla and have a practical option in the kitchen, you can opt for powdered vanilla. Obtained by drying and grinding the pods, vanilla powder is generally less concentrated in aromas, but at Sambavanilla, thanks to our expertise, we offer you a very fragrant powder made only with whole Sambava vanilla pods.

    • Vanilla extract

For practical, fast and effective use, vanilla extract is perfect. Obtained from a mixture of cane syrup and vanilla extract, the product we offer is made from 300 to 400 grams of pods per liter and without preservatives. If you love pastries and good cupcakes, vanilla extract will allow you to flavor your recipes and bring an extremely refreshing note.

Do not hesitate to test the different possibilities available to you! You will find a wide variety of products on our online store and you can also contact us for all your requests.

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