Vanilla: Key tips for getting better

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Far from the pharmaceutical products that we have today, in the past, our ancestors knew how to relieve many ailments and concoct remedies from natural ingredients. From spices, plants to vanilla pods, they knew how to get the most out of everyday ingredients.  

Simple and effective, in our article this month, we found the best antidotes for you, from vanilla beans, that really work. 

Relieve dysentery

Did you know that vanilla and milk can relieve diarrhea? Here's a simple recipe: mix 1 to 5 teaspoons of cornstarch in half a glass of milk, add a dash of vanilla and 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey to sweeten the taste.

Take this remedy 3-5 times a day and you will feel better.

Relieve bruising

Have you noticed a bruise or bruise on your body? You just need to soak a cotton ball with a little liquid vanilla extract and apply it to the area to be relieved. Repeat this twice a day and in a few days your bruise will never have existed!

Fight against depression

Do you feel demoralized, depressed or constantly stressed? We have the solution for you ! A few drops of essential oil in your bath and you will feel better right away. Why ? Vanilla has antidepressant, but also anti-aging, and even aphrodisiac properties. 

There are many remedies made from vanilla, which also allows us to understand why our ancestors are so fond of it. Creams, cakes, desserts… The list of dishes containing vanilla is long!

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