All you need to know about Vanilla extract

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Vanilla extract is one of the most commonly used ingredients in any kitchen. Used to flavor baked goods, dairy products and desserts, it is known to be a must-have product. Using pure vanilla extract is preferable to using artificial flavoring agents, as it is healthier and less harmful. But the vanilla extract, where it comes from, how to use it and especially how to store it in the best conditions?

At Sambavanilla, we offer a wide variety of vanillas from Madagascar and in this article we tell you everything about vanilla extract.

Qu'est-ce que l'extrait de vanille ?

Vanilla extract is made from the seeds of a tropical orchid called Vanilla planifolia. The vanilla plant is native to Central America, but it can be grown anywhere in the world with moderate temperatures such as Madagascar. Vanilla involves a very labor-intensive cultivation. It takes three years for a vanilla plant to reach maturity, during which time farmers must hand pollinate each flower before it opens. Vanilla extract is obtained by soaking vanilla beans in a neutral alcohol solution. The alcohol has the effect of extracting the flavor and aroma of the vanilla beans. The resulting liquid is then reduced to a minimum alcohol content before being diluted with cane sugar syrup.

Vanilla extracts are available in different concentrations, depending on the number of vanilla beans used per liter of extract. At Sambavanilla, we offer two types of vanilla extracts:

1. Natural vanilla extract:

Our natural vanilla extract is made from the best Bourbon vanilla beans, selected in Madagascar. This extract is preservative-free and can be stored in the refrigerator after opening. It is ideal for cooking and baking as well as creating beautiful desserts.


2. Natural vanilla extract with seeds :

Our vanilla extract with seeds is made from real vanilla beans and is perfect for all kinds of preparations. It is easy to use and can be stored in the refrigerator once opened. Thanks to its characteristics, you will only need one or two teaspoons per recipe to obtain a result similar to a vanilla bean.

Vanilla extract: how to use it?

Liquid vanilla extract is a popular flavor additive used in culinary preparations. It is most often used in baking, but is also suitable for savory dishes and beverages. You can use it in any gourmet dish, from cakes and cookies to pies and brownies, or even just to drizzle over a bowl of ice cream!

The most common use for natural vanilla extract is to enhance the flavor of baked goods. If you're making muffins or cupcakes, adding a few drops of vanilla extract will give them extra flavor and scent. It's a great addition to any baking recipe where you want the food to have a rich flavor without adding fat or sugar.


In addition, natural vanilla is a great way to add flavor to alcoholic beverages and fruit juices.

You can use vanilla extract in a variety of ways. The most common is to mix it with water or other liquids before adding them to your recipe. This dilutes the alcohol content of the drink, allowing people who don't like alcohol to enjoy it as well.

You can also add vanilla extract to your juices or smoothies. It will add a delicious note. It is also perfect for adding depth to coffee drinks like cappuccinos or lattes!

How do I store vanilla extract?

Vanilla extract is a delicious and fragrant way to add flavor to your favorite desserts, and it adds sweet, fresh notes. However, if you're not careful, your vanilla extract can lose its potency and flavor.

Here's how to store vanilla extract to keep it fresh for as long as possible :

  • To optimize storage, store it in a cool, dry, dark place in an airtight container away from light, heat, and moisture. This method is best if you plan to use the extract within a year or two of opening.
  • If you use it more often, we recommend investing in small bottles, as this will prevent a lot of air from entering the containers and oxidizing the contents.
  • If you want to store your vanilla extract for up to six months, you can do so in the refrigerator or at room temperature. For best flavor storage, consider storing it in an opaque container rather than a clear one. If stored in a clear container, light can penetrate through the bottle and cause it to lose some of its potency over time.

For quality vanilla extracts, order from Sambavanilla!

At Sambavanilla, we want to make sure you get the best quality vanilla for your recipes. From premium vanilla extract to natural vanilla beans, vanilla powder, frosted or vanilla caviar, we make sure to provide you with exceptional ingredients every time.

Now that you know more about where vanilla extract comes from and how to use it, feel free to contact us, place your orders through our online store, and check out our website for other spices that will add authentic flavors to your dishes.

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