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Essential for flavoring and giving taste to our daily dishes, they are your best asset if you want to brighten up your kitchen. Native to India, China or the Middle East, spices are vegetable substances and are a perfect substitute for salt, sugar or fats. 

The major question is that there are so many, we wonder how to separate the essentials from the list ?

To help you, Sambavanilla gives you the list of essential spices and some information about them.

Here are the 5 essential spices: 

Turmeric :

Also known as "Indian saffron", it is well known for its beautiful golden yellow color and its anti-cancer and antioxidant benefits among others. It's the star spice of your Indian dishes, but not only! It goes well with fish, salads and others.

Cumin :

Powerful in taste, it is often used in dishes such as Chili Con Carne, because it goes very well with paprika. Besides its ability to lift your dishes, cumin is used, in the form of herbal tea, to relieve stomach aches and to cleanse the renal system.

Paprika :

Nothing beats the fruity taste and the spicy side of paprika. It is ideal in dishes based on meats, starchy foods or barbecue. It is also rich in capsaicin which promotes weight loss and helps reduce feelings of heavy legs.

Cinnamon :

A spice that should not be forgotten, because it is the most consumed in the world. Cinnamon is used in savory dishes as well as in sweet dishes. There are 2 varieties of cinnamon, the one originating from China, with a rustic and intense taste, and the one originating from Madagascar, more delicate in taste with a woody scent (it is also called Ceylon cinnamon).

Ginger :

Many people know the pickled ginger which accompanies sushi or Japanese sashimi, it is very appreciated for its oriental flavors. Known for its freshness and lemon flavor, it also goes very well with all your vegetables and meats and it supports lively cooking. Ginger also has a positive influence on the immune and digestive systems.

Rich in flavor, scent and taste, those spices will sublimate your cuisine and make your taste buds travel. If you wish to get them, Sambavanilla invites you to discover the spices available in our online store.

You will find all the spices above and many more ... You will find your happiness there.

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