Vanilla Caviar from Madagascar

Vanilla Caviar from Madagascar


Vanilla caviar comes from the pulp found inside vanilla pods.

It is an exceptional product that concentrates all the aromas of vanilla.

weight (grams)
  • 15 grams
  • 10 grams

Bourbon Vanilla Caviar from Madagascar

Vanilla Caviar includes all the seeds and oil found inside vanilla pods.

Sambavanilla Bourbon Vanilla Caviar is obtained from Gourmet quality vanilla pods. Each pod is meticulously split, then scraped to remove the heart which concentrates all the characteristic aromas of Bourbon vanilla.

This work is tedious, but the result is exceptional, as the flavors are concentrated.

The shiny black vanilla beans look like caviar.

The use of vanilla caviar is very simple. Just take a few grams with the tip of a knife to flavor your recipe.

Vanilla caviar is suitable for both savory and sweet recipes and it can even be used raw with yogurt, in a smoothie or even spread on a slice of foie gras.

Storage of vanilla caviar:

The vanilla caviar can be kept in its metal box in the fridge after opening.

Technical characteristics :

Caviar of Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar.

Variety: Planifolia

Harvest 2021

Caviar 10

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