Frosted Vanilla Chips from Madagascar


Frosted Vanilla is an exceptional product due to its quality and rarity.

The frosted bourbon vanilla nibs are ready to use and are used in the same way as vanilla pods.

Due to their high concentration of vanillin, only 3 or 4 flakes are enough to replace a vanilla pod.


Frosted Vanilla Chips from Madagascar

Frosted Vanilla is an exceptional vanilla which is the result of the perfection of the maturation of vanilla pods.

We call "frosted vanilla", vanilla which develops a phenomenon of crystallization of vanillin. This crystallization is a completely natural process that appears when the concentration of vanillin is very high, at the end of the maturation of the vanilla pods. We then see small white crystals forming around the vanilla pods.

Some may confuse them with sugar particles, others with mould, but there is no doubt that this comes from the natural crystallization of vanillin.

Frosted vanilla is quite commonly found in Reunion where the pods are presented whole inside glass tubes.

At Sambavanilla, we have worked tirelessly with our teams in Madagascar to develop a sector of excellence leading to the production of these frosted vanillas.

Sambavanilla's frosted vanillas come from bourbon vanilla pods identical to those found in Reunion.

The vanilla is packaged in glass jars and each jar contains approximately 10 grams of vanilla nibs.

The vanilla nibs are ready to use, and only 3 or 4 nibs are enough to replace a whole vanilla pod, so concentrated are they in aromas.

Of course, they offer the same vegetable and fruity flavors with caramelized notes identical to traditional vanilla pods.

The use of vanilla chips is rather recommended for recipes requiring an infusion of vanilla, and you can also use them in the preparation of arranged rums.

Storage of vanilla:

The chips are delivered in a glass jar ideal for storing vanilla. Store the jars at room temperature in a dark, dry place.

Technical characteristics :

Shards of vanilla pods.

Weight: about 10 grams

Variety: Planifolia

Harvest 2021

Using advice:

Immerse the shards in your preparation to be infused at the rate of 3 to 4 shards per recipe.

Scrape the seeds with the back of a knife and remove the shards after infusion.

Sambavanilla's tip:

After use you can reuse the chips for a new recipe after drying them or mix them with sugar in a jar and your sugar will take on a sweet vanilla flavor.


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