Why is the smell of vanilla so popular ?

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Vanilla has conquered the world with its delicate aroma, and has done so for nearly 500 years. Highly appreciated, it has an intense and powerful aroma. Vanilla is one of the most common spices in the world and it clearly makes humanity. But why is the smell of vanilla so popular?

At Sambavanilla, we offer a selection of premium vanilla from Madagascar and elsewhere. In this article, we tell you more about the sweet scent of vanilla.

Taken from the pod of the vanilla orchid, the mild, sweet scent and flavor of vanilla has made it a popular ingredient that over time has become a staple in baking. Vanilla is often found in confectionery, ice cream, baked goods and flavored beverages.

The vanilla flavor is also widely used in perfumery, where it is used in the composition of many creations from prestigious houses.

Vanilla would have aphrodisiac virtues, and from there we imagine all kinds of recipes and love filters based on vanilla to make the heart of his Dulcinea or his Appolon lean.

From birth, humans are able to recognize and appreciate the flavors of vanilla. Some young mothers add vanilla to the bottle of their newborns when they are too restless in order to soothe them.

On our online store, we provide you with vanilla pods, vanilla extracts, vanilla powder as well as frosted vanilla nibs which bring a more intense flavor in the kitchen and are very appreciated for their practicality!

In addition, we also offer vanilla extracts with or without seeds for the preparation of your recipes. Simple and easy to use, the extract can be stored in the refrigerator once started. It only takes one to two teaspoons to have a result equivalent to a vanilla pod.

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