dried kaffir

Kaffir Leaves from Madagascar


Kaffir is coming from Indonesia. This citrus fruit is not widely used in France, and is often used to enhance many dishes (sweet or savory).

This is a citrus fruit which looks like a wrinkled lime.

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Madagascar driedd Kaffir leaves.

Kaffir leaves are rich in nutrients and aromas. They are perfect to add flavor to your Asian dishes.

Kaffir leaves go well with white meats and shellfish. They are ideal for the preparation of your soups, soups and other soups to enhance the taste.

They can be used equally well with savory and sweet dishes. Dare to use Kaffir leaves in your fruit salads and you will be amazed.

In addition to being used when making tea, cocktails, or to flavor cooking water, you can also use Kaffir leaves in your home.

For a relaxing bath:

You can use the leaves, fresh or dried, of Kaffir to add freshness to your bath. All you need to do is add a few leaves to your hot bath water.

To perfume your interior:

You no longer have essential oils to perfume your home? It's not a problem! You can add some Kaffir leaves in your potpourri or in your candle resin diffuser. It will perfume your home and make you travel with an exotic scent.

Refresh the skin:

To refresh your skin and perfume it, you can crush kaffir leaves and rub your hands with it.

kaffir feuille-5g
Kaffir Leaves from Madagascar
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    Lack of fragrance compared to other commercially available varieties (Translated review)

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    En cours de macération dans un rhum arrangé on verra le résultat dans quelques mois

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    In the process of macerating in an arranged rum we will see the result in a few months (Translated review)

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