Yuzu zest from Japan


Yuzu is a citrus fruit native to Japan that is the size of an orange and is somewhat similar to lemon and tangerine.

The fruit is rather acidic, but its zest is very fragrant and it is found in many desserts such as macaroons.

Yuzu zest is also used in savory cooking and goes very well with fish, seafood or even mushrooms.

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Yuzu zest from Japan

Yuzu is a citrus fruit with a very delicate fragrance that offers a good length in the mouth.

It is very common in Japanese and Korean cuisine and is used in the composition of many savory and sweet preparations. It also very often flavors broths.

The Yuzu harvest takes place once a year from November to December when the fruits reach maturity.

Fresh fruit juice is used to flavor broths or sauces such as "ponzu" sauce found in many fish-based preparations.

The zests are dried or candied and are used in the preparation of many savory and sweet recipes.

Yuzu is very common in high gastronomy and it is found in many recipes of starred chefs where it goes wonderfully with foie gras, shellfish, sorbets, macaroons, ...

The flavor of Yuzu is very characteristic of that of citrus fruits with notes of acidity close to mandarin, kaffir lime or even lime.

The Yuzu zests offered by Sambavanilla have been the subject of a very specific preparation where only the superficial layer of the skin of the fruits is retained in order to avoid the bitterness that the white part could bring.

They thus offer exceptional quality and a unique fragrance, ready to use.

Do not hesitate to associate them with white fish such as sea bream or cod, or even scallops where they will bring freshness and originality.

The zest of Yuzu being quite powerful, it should be dosed with caution. Count between a half and a teaspoon for a recipe for 4 people.

In a sweet dish, yuzu goes very well with chocolate and fruits such as pineapple or raspberry and you will delight the taste buds of your guests by incorporating it into your cakes, madeleines and macaroons.

Yuzu zest is also very suitable for the preparation of cocktails and arranged rums where it goes very well with vanilla and ginger.

The benefits of Yuzu zest:

Yuzu, like most citrus fruits, contains a lot of vitamin C.

Yuzu also has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants.

It is even credited with fortifying properties for the scalp.

Zeste yuzu-25 gr

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