Tonka beans from Amazonia

Tonka beans from Amazonia


Nutmeg grows on a tree called nutmeg tree.

It corresponds to the kernel of the fruit of the nutmeg tree.

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Amazonian Tonka Beans:

What is the Tonka bean?

The tonka bean is a seed that comes from a tropical tree called "Dipteryx odorata" which can grow up to 30m heigth. This tree also produces a very hard wood better known as Teak.

The fruits are shaped like a small mango and are harvested at the end of winter. Tonka beans are the seeds of fruits that are dried for almost a year.

The preparation process is similar to that of cocoa beans with a first stage of fermentation of the beans inside the fruit. This first step is essential and will give a brown color to the beans.

The beans are then separated from the surrounding fruit and are gradually dried in the shade and then in the sun. Their refining will last for almost a year.

How to use the Tonka bean?

The Tonka bean can be used whole in marinades, infusions or prepared rum mixes.

In most dishes, it is grated or ground.

Pay attention to the dosage because the taste of the tonka bean is quite powerful.

 The aromas of the Tonka bean are reminiscent of those of vanilla, caramel or even cocoa.

Tonka beans are generally used in sweet preparations, but they are also very suitable to enhance the taste of certain meats such as veal and poultry.

The many virtues of the tonka bean:

Tonka beans don't just have culinary uses. They are also widely used in the perfume sector.

Did you know that tonka bean can help fight fatigue and loss of tone? It also helps calm coughs and relieve sore throats.

Be careful not to overdo it because it can be toxic if you consume it in high doses due to its high coumarin content.

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Tonka beans from Amazonia
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    I think beans are legumes, but these Tonka beans are exotic form of spice beans similar to the cocoa beans with a vanilla-like aroma. Love it.

  • 2

    12 days of delivery while the cgv mentioned 5 days... No commercial gesture (Translated review)

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    Random bean size There were some that were really small. (Translated review)

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    Perfect (Translated review)

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  • 5

    Nice size beans. Not yet used (Translated review)

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    Fèves de belle taille. Pas encore utilisées

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    Depuis toujours j'aromatise le riz blanc avec quelques éclats de fève tonka qui lui donne un goût subtil. Une fève de cette commande est partie se baigner pour quelque temps dans du rhum avec de la vanille et des fèves de cacao torréfiées.

  • 5

    I have always flavoured white rice with a few slivers of tonka bean, which gives it a subtle taste. A bean from this order has been left to bathe for some time in rum with vanilla and roasted cocoa beans. (Translated review)

  • 5

    I did not know very subtle smell (Translated review)

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