Barbecue spice mix

Barbecue spice mix


Our barbecue spice blend is the key to tasty, memorable grilling. Carefully selected spices such as paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper and cumin add an explosion of flavour to your grilled meats. Discover the secret of a perfect barbecue with this irresistible blend of spices.

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Barbecue Spice Mix

Our barbecue spice blend is a symphony of flavours that will transform your grills into real delights. It skilfully combines ingredients such as paprika, cayenne pepper, sea salt, brown sugar and a touch of onion and cumin to create the perfect balance. Here are a few ideas for using this barbecue spice blend:

Generously rub your favourite meat, such as pork chops or beef tenderloin, with our spice blend before grilling. The complex, warm flavours will marry with the meat, creating a deliciously caramelised crust.

Mix a tablespoon of our spice blend into your homemade barbecue sauce. The spices will add a depth of flavour and subtle heat to your sauce, which will go perfectly with your grilled meats.

Sprinkle our spice blend over chopped vegetables and wrap in aluminium foil. Grill until tender and slightly caramelised. The result is grilled vegetables with an explosion of flavour.

Add a pinch of our spice blend to your chicken or pork marinade. Let the meat soak up the flavours for a few hours before grilling. The result will be juicy, intensely flavoured meat.

Sprinkle our spice blend over fresh pineapple slices before grilling. The spicy flavours will blend perfectly with the natural sweetness of the pineapple, creating a sweet and spicy accompaniment to your grilled meat.

With our barbecue spice blend, you'll have everything you need to create exceptional grilled dishes and dazzle your guests at your summer barbecues.


Our barbecue spice mix is mainly composed of the following ingredients:

Brown sugar, sea salt, onion, paprika, coriander seed, cumin, mustard, black pepper, cayenne pepper.

Instructions for use:   

Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of spices to your mixture.

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