Dried rose petals from Iran

Dried rose petals from Iran


Our top-quality, delicately scented dried rose petals from Iran add an elegant, floral touch to your culinary creations, arranged rums and infusions.

Bag weigth (gr)
  • 10 grams
  • 20 grams
  • 30 grammes
  • 40 grammes
  • 50 grammes

Dried rose petals from Iran.

Dried rose petals from Iran have been renowned for centuries for their bewitching fragrance and exceptional culinary properties. Grown on the best plantations in Iran, they are traditionally used in Persian cuisine to flavour desserts such as 'Shir Berenj' (rose-flavoured rice pudding) and drinks such as 'Sharbat e Golab' (rose syrup). They also add a floral and visual touch to pastries such as "Baklava" and "Loukoums". Perfect for infusions, they are also wonderfully suited to the preparation of arranged rums, such as the famous Ispahan rum, which combines the flavours of rose, lychee and raspberry. Add these dried rose petals to your creations for a refined and exotic taste experience.