Dried mafane flowers from Madagascar


The mafane brede is a plant of the Asteraceae family.

Its culture is widespread in Madagascar where it is part of the composition of the Malagasy national dish, "romazava" which consists of a meat and vegetable broth accompanied by rice.

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Dried mafane flowers from Madagascar.

The mafane brede are very widespread in Madagascar. The name "mafane" comes from the word "mafana" which means hot in Malagasy.

Both the leaves and the flowers can be eaten.

The yellow button-shaped flowers have a peppery, pungent flavor that intensifies as the flower matures.

The flowers of brede mafane have the particularity of producing an anesthetic and warming effect in the mouth. The effect is only temporary, but the experience is worth living.

The flowers of brede mafane can be eaten in different ways.

In the kitchen, you can use them in your broths, soups and stews. they will bring a little exotic touch to the preparations.

You can also consume them as an infusion in addition to lemongrass, mint or tea.

Finally, they also lend themselves well to alcohol macerations such as arranged rums where they will bring their peppery and fresh side in addition to their essential effect.

The virtues of brede mafane flowers:

Mafane brede are rich in vitamin C and A.

They have a strong anesthetic and anti-inflammatory power and are often used for dental pain or canker sores.

They are also credited with anti-aging properties and they are used in the manufacture of many beauty creams.

brede Maf-10g
Dried mafane flowers from Madagascar
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