Black Mustard Seeds

Madagascar Black Mustard Seeds


Black mustard is the seed of a plant in the Brassicaceae family which is also called Sinapis Nigra.

Mustard seeds have a pungent flavor and are used as a condiment.

Mustard seeds grown in Madagascar are very rich in nutrients and they have anticarcinogenic properties, just like soursop.

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Black Mustard Seeds from Madagascar.

Black mustard seeds are generally used roasted. It suffices to place them a few minutes in a hot pan, stirring a little in order to make them burst.

They then release a little nutty taste. In the mouth, we perceive this sweet nutty flavor before feeling the spiciness that characterizes mustard.

Black mustard seeds contain almost 1% sinigrin, which under the action of water will develop a molecule characteristic of the spiciness of mustard (allyl isothiocyanate).

Mustard seeds are widely used in spice blends and are commonly found in Indian cuisine, especially in curry pastes.

In cooking, you can use mustard seeds for your marinades, stewed meats, vegetable pickles, etc.

The roasted mustard seeds will subtly enhance your roasted or grilled meats.

The benefits of Mustard seeds:

Mustard seeds are rich in vitamin C, B2, B6 and B9 and they also contain a lot of Magnesium and Calcium.

They have antioxidant properties and contain among other things selenium which has a regulating power on the functioning of the thyroid.

Mustard seeds also contain curcumin, which is an anti-inflammatory compound.

Finally, they have properties recognized to fight against cancer diseases.

Sambavanilla's trick:

If the spiciness of the mustard bothers you, simply roast the mustard seeds for a longer period of time to soften the taste.

The recipe for "house made" mustard:

Ingredients :

  • 125 grams of powdered roasted mustard seeds.
  • 125 ml of water.
  • Salt
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons of wine vinegar.

Preperation :

Pour the mustard powder into a small bowl.

Gradually add the water while stirring.

Mix until a smooth paste is obtained.

Add the vinegar.

Salt according your taste.

Leave to stand for at least 20 minutes before using it.

Once the mustard base has been prepared, you can flavor it as you wish, for example adding honey if you want to make it sweeter. You can also add aromatic herbs, ginger, ...

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