Vanuatu volcanic Vanilla beans Cheap set


Vanuatu Volcanic Vanilla Beans Grade A

Vanilla of the Planifolia variety with warm and fruity notes tending towards cocoa and caramel.

Pod length 13-15 cm

Fresh, unsplit pods

Origin Vanuatu

Harvest 2022

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Vanuatu is located in Oceania between the Fiji Islands and New Caledonia.

Vanuatu Sambavanilla vanilla beans come from the Planifolia variety like Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

Vanilla beans are harvested on volcanic lands and develop chocolate and fruity flavors.

The beans are  generousand full of seeds and their length varies between 13 and 15 cm.

The humidity is between 28 and 30%.

The vanillin contens is at least 1.8%.

Vantu Eco 3

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