Vanilla beans from Uganda 17-18 cm


Non-split gourmet-type Planifolia vanilla bean.

Uganda vanilla pods are characterized by a dark brown color with copper highlights and a broad, flattened shape.

The aromas of cocoa and caramel are very present in these pods with intense woody notes which makes them essential in shellfish recipes, white meats as well as desserts.

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Planifolia vanilla pods from Uganda

Origin Kasese, Bundibugyo - Western Uganda

Harvest 2022

Planifolia vanilla pods from Uganda are large and generous pods and come from the same species of vanilla as vanilla from Madagascar.

It is in the west of Uganda, near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, that the most beautiful vanillas of Uganda grow.

The humid and hot climate is very favorable and the shady and green hills are home to the most beautiful vanilla plantations.

This region also has the particularity of offering two harvests of vanilla per year, which is unique in the world.

Uganda vanilla pods have woody flavors and aromatic notes of chocolate and caramel.

They go ideally with white meats and seafood.

In sweet recipes, we advise you to let them infuse overnight in cold milk before preparing your dessert creams. The result will only be better.

The pods are delivered to you in a vacuum bag to protect them during transport.

We recommend opening the bag and airing the pods about a day before storing them in a suitable glass tube.


Appearance: Dark brown, non-split pods with copper highlights, fresh and flexible.

Aroma: woody fragrance with notes of cocoa and caramel.

Length: 15-17 cm 

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Vanilla beans from Uganda 17-18 cm
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