Tahity vanilla beans/pods from Tahaa king size


Tahitian Vanilla is world renowned. It goes into many culinary preparations and is the essential ingredient of most starred chefs.

We have selected one of the best vanilla produced in the Leeward Islands directly from Tahaa.

Tahaa vanilla is one of the rarest in the world.

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Tahitian vanilla pods - Tahaa

Tahiti vanilla comes from the Tahitentis variety.

Tahaa vanilla is cultivated in sustainable agriculture according to traditional methods using the trees of the forest as a support for the vanilla plants.

Vanilla plants grow on a land rich in minerals, semi volcanic and there is a mineral side in the aromatic palette of the pods once prepared.

In addition to this mineral side, Tahaa vanilla pods have aromas of almonds and caramel which make them an exceptional product for gastronomy.

Tahitian vanilla pods are very thick and their weight can easily reach 10 grams for a 17 cm long pod.

Tahaa pods are very fresh and fragrant with a humidity level of around 33-35%.

Storage of vanilla:

Sambavanilla offers you glass tubes to prolong the conservation of your vanilla pods; See the following link: Glass tubes

Technical characteristics :

Pod length:                 17 cm

Minimum weight:       10 grams.

Variety:                     Tahitentis

Harvest:                    2020

Using advice:

Split the pod lengthwise.

Scrape off the seeds using the back of a knife.

Sambavanilla's trick:

We recommend that you let the vanilla infuse in your milk for 24 hours in the refrigerator before starting your preparation. The result will only be better.

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