Pizza spice mix

Pizza spice mix


Discover our blend of pizza spices, a tasty combination for authentic pizzas full of flavour.

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Pizza spice mix

Our pizza spice blend is inspired by the traditional flavours of Italy, where herbs and spices are essential in the kitchen. Combining aromatic herbs like oregano and basil with spices like garlic and pepper, this blend offers an explosion of authentic flavours. Used for generations in Italian kitchens, it adds a touch of authenticity to your homemade pizzas. Try our 'Pizza Napoli' recipe with a generous pinch of our pizza spice blend for an unforgettable taste experience. Or opt for a "Pizza Margherita" with an extra touch of our blend to enhance its classic flavours.

Our pizza spice blend goes beyond traditional pizzas and can be used to enhance the flavour of many dishes. Try it to flavour fresh homemade pasta, tomato pasta sauces, soups and stews for an authentic Italian flavour. It can also be sprinkled on grilled or roasted vegetables for a Mediterranean touch. Cooking enthusiasts can even experiment by adding a pinch of this blend to their meat or seafood marinades, adding a touch of pizza to their grilled dishes.


Our pizza spice blend is mainly made up of the following ingredients:

Garlic, onion, oregano, fennel seeds, paprika, chilli, basil, thyme, black pepper, red pepper, ginger.

Instructions for use:   

Sprinkle 2 to 3 teaspoons of pizza spice over your pizza before putting it in the oven.

Mélange Pizza-25 gr

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