Arrabiata spice mix

Arrabiata spice mix


Our Arrabiata Spice Blend is ideal for making tangy tomato sauces, spicy Italian-style pasta, or even to give your homemade pizzas a kick. Add a little Italian passion to your meals with this perfect recipe.

Whether you're a fan of Italian cuisine or looking for a simple way to add a spicy dimension to your dishes, our Arrabiata Spice Blend promises an authentic taste experience. Awaken your taste buds and transport yourself straight to sunny Italy.

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Arrabiata spice mix

Arrabiata spice blend is a combination of ingredients that is commonly used in Italian cooking to add heat and flavour to various dishes, particularly tomato sauces.

The Arrabiata spice blend is mainly used to make Arrabiata sauce, a spicy tomato sauce that is an excellent accompaniment to pasta, pizza, chicken wings and other Italian dishes. The amount of each ingredient can vary according to personal preference, and some will even add ingredients such as olives, grated cheese or black pepper to further personalise the sauce. It's a great way to add a spicy, flavourful twist to your favourite Italian dishes. lamb curries.

Explore the versatility of our Arrabiata Spice Blend, a real invitation to spicy Italian cuisine.

Our blend will bring a Mediterranean intensity to your tomato sauces. Prepare an authentic Arrabiata by mixing our spice with a homemade tomato sauce for an irresistibly tasty pasta.

Sprinkle our blend over your pasta cooked al dente for a dish that's simple but packed with flavour. Add a drizzle of olive oil for an even more authentic delight.

Turn your homemade pizza into a spicy creation by sprinkling our mix over the topping. Add slices of pepperoni, olives and cheese for an Italian feast.

Make spicy chicken wings by mixing our spice with olive oil, then roasting them. Serve with a blue cheese sauce for a memorable meal.

Add a pinch of our blend to your risotto for a Mediterranean touch. The blend of chilli, garlic and basil creates a delicious contrast with the creaminess of the risotto.

Our Arrabiata Spice Blend is the key ingredient for bringing the passion of Italian cooking to your kitchen. Whether you're looking to prepare traditional dishes or experiment with new flavours, this spice is a must-have for lovers of spicy cuisine.


The main ingredients in our Arrabiata spice blend are: 

Onion, garlic, chilli, fleur de sel, black pepper, sweet pepper, thyme, basil, oregano, rosemary, parsley.

Instructions for use:

Add between 1 and 2 teaspoons to your preparation, depending on the desired strength.

Epices Arrabiata-25 gr