Special Beef Spice Mix

Special Beef Spice Mix


Discover our blend of spices for beef, a subtle combination of herbs and spices that will enhance the tenderness of your meat. The balanced combination of thyme, rosemary and mustard will add a touch of elegance to your beef dishes. Treat yourself to an explosion of flavour with our carefully selected blend of spices.

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Special  Beef Spice Mix

Our special beef spice blend is a harmonious fusion of aromas that will magnify your meat in an exceptional way. With warm notes of cumin, cayenne pepper, paprika and mustard, it will create a symphony of flavours on your palate. Use this mix to season your steaks before grilling, to enhance the flavour of your homemade burgers or to make a succulent marinade for your beef kebabs. You can also sprinkle this spice blend generously over your roast beef before putting it in the oven, or add it to your sauces for a touch of complexity and authenticity. Let yourself be seduced by this versatile spice blend, which will add a delicious dimension to all your beef dish creations.


Our special beef spice blend is made up mainly of the following ingredients:

Onion, salt, paprika, garlic, sugar, thyme, parsley, rosemary, green pepper, mustard, cumin, cayenne pepper, bay leaf.

Instructions for use:   

Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of spices to your mixture.

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