Malabar Black Pepper

Malabar Black Pepper


Malabar black pepper has a rich, pungent flavour, with woody and spicy notes, from traditional plantations on the south-west coast of India.

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Malabar Black Pepper

Malabar black pepper originates from India's Malabar Coast, a region renowned for centuries for producing some of the world's finest peppers. Traditionally grown in shady plantations, this pepper is harvested by hand and dried in the sun, giving it a rich flavour and superior quality.

Malabar black pepper is distinguished by its warm notes, woody nuances and complexity, offering a perfect balance between aroma and spiciness. Unlike other peppers, such as Kampot pepper, which has more floral notes, or Sarawak pepper, which is milder, Malabar pepper has a lingering intensity and a deeper flavour.

In the kitchen, Malabar black pepper is versatile and goes well with dishes such as Indian-style prawn curry, grilled lamb chops or a creamy risotto. Its unique character makes it ideal for enhancing meat, fish and vegetable dishes, as well as sauces and marinades.

This pepper is also an excellent addition to dessert recipes such as spiced chocolate or red fruit tart, where it adds a warm, unexpected touch. Finally, Malabar black pepper is often used in spice blends such as garam masala, adding an extra dimension to these traditional blends.

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